Bryant P

Bryant P

May 14, 2017

“I’m a first timer and I’m a guy so I felt quite embarrassing and nervous to get wax. However, the staff there gave me a warm welcome when I arrived so it did a big part at helping me to relax myself. I got everything done by Christie; Christie is a sweet lady, she greeted me with a big smile on her even I arrived late to my appointment. She knew that it was my first time so she started off with some convos to distract me from waxing, then she carefully explained which area she will be working on, etc. After about 10-15 minutes in, she made the whole process very peaceful and relaxing. I would say I can barely feel any pain because Christie made it as less painful for me as possible by taking her time. Overall, I had a great experience with waxing for the first time here at TWS. I’m very glad that I got scheduled with Christie, I will definitely come back here again.

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