Amanda P.

Amanda P.

June 6, 2018

“I had my first Brazilian with Angelica right before the Memorial Day weekend. The idea of getting that region waxed had my nerves going crazy as it was, but because I’m a bigger girl, I was also imagining all these crazy traumatic-would probably only happen in movies- scenarios. I walked in and nothing happened. No one snickered, no one laughed, no one gave me weird looks. The receptionist was pleasant and asked if I was there for my appointment and then instructed me to have a seat in the waiting area as Angelica was wrapping up with another client. When Angelica was ready, we walked back to a very clean, spacious room with the tv set to The Big Bang Theory. She gave me instructions on what to do before she stepped out to let me get situated. Again, my mind started to race. When she walked back in, she immediately put me at ease. She was super cool, really nice and more importantly gentle. Of course, you can expect a wax to be uncomfortable, but it never hurt. It never felt like something was done wrong. We talked the entire time and honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t gone sooner. Seriously, it was the best experience I could have hoped for. To anyone who is afraid, don’t be. The Wax Spot is the real deal. Angelica, I’ll see you in a few weeks!”

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